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Jack Eyram Azor

As an artist the question of diversity and its advantages to humanity has always been present.

I focus on using oil paint as a medium to open a perspective to the viewer. Preconceived systems advocate for openness and freedom of perception.

Coming from a different cultural background in Ghana and living in Belgium since 2011, the question of diversity and its advantages to humanity is important to me. Darkness and light are equally important in my work. I try to unveil the hidden glory in things and people. 

The creation of a perspector, a semi transparent glass to reflect a scene, enables me to take advantage of both light and darkness to perceive a 360° view of this scene.

The clashing image that is formed on the surface of the perspector becomes the source of inspiration for my paintings. In my work past and future mutually relate and can be connected or separated by the present. I try to offer the viewer an open platform to engage in a dialogue with my work, evoking memories, future desires and dreams.

Jack Eyram Azor

vrijdag, 22 februari, 2019 - 14:00 to zaterdag, 22 juni, 2019 - 14:00